Following the pre-registrations regarding our product (Ferronickel) and our by-products (Slags from ferronickel manufacturing), in 2010 we have proceeded to their registration as Regulation 1907/2006 – REACH requires (Registration Evaluation Authorization of CHemicals), assuring the lawful and competitive placing at the market.

Especially the voluntary registration of Electric Furnace Slag (EFS) and Converter Slag (CS) as by-products attests our concern for sustainable/«no waste» development. Our company is the Lead Registrant for the “Slags from ferronickel manufacturing” dossier.

As a result to our continuous and active participation in various REACH consortia as well as in the EU Nickel Risk Assessment, we achieved to obtain and update scientific data on nickel, ferronickel and slags which will be used to improve even more the risk management in our facilities as well as to ensure better communication with our clients in order they apply more effective risk management in their operational units.

Our compliance with REACH regulation has been successfully achieved for ferronickel and slags within the deadline and in accordance with REACH regulation. Specifically for the ferronickel as a “special preparation”, the dossiers for its main constituents, nickel and iron, have been submitted and are annually updated.

Registration decision under regulation (EC)
No 1907/2006 for Nickel Metal - 30/09/2010

Registration decision under regulation (EC)
No 1907/2006 for Iron - 09/11/2010

Registration decision under regulation (EC)
No 1907/2006 for Ferronickel Slags - 25/11/2010

At the same time we have complied also with the Regulation 1272/2008 – CLP (Classification, Labeling and Packaging) by submitting to ECHA all required notifications.

For the last two decades we monitor sustainable development requirements and practices at National, European and International level through various associations/organizations (i.e. Greek Mining Enterprises Association, Euromines, Eurometaux, Nickel REACH Consortia).

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