Sharing the vision

In the past, LARCO had many different departments in different locations, with different functions, each working in different directions. Unity and common vision was needed.

In order to achieve LARCO's goals and objectives, despite our many different locations, it was essential to develop and provide a unifying vision. It is important to share that vision with our labour unions ,employees, suppliers and customers, shareholders, local communities and the Government.

Defining the vision

Today, the LARCO vision is clear: to be the preferred multi-national organization to deal with in our chosen markets, with a worldwide reputation for entrepreneurial, yet sustainable development.

Under this vision, our directors, managers and employees are being motivated to boost LARCO/s productivity and performance.
Our ambition is to become one of the most profitable ferronickel producers.

LARCO aims to provide a return to our shareholders and communities through the sensitive development of natural resources and by constantly updating investment in new technologies and human capital. The LARCO way of working is to be respectful to our customers, partners, employees, shareholders, neighbours and our environment.