Moving forward
At LARCO, we don’t believe in standing still. We are not known for resting on our laurels. This dynamism drives us continually forward, to become ever better, ever more successful, ever more profitable.

Today, LARCO is experiencing fundamental changes. This is a new era for the company that shares similarities with the period when it thrived under the grand spirit of founder, Athanassiadis Bodossakis.

LARCO now has in place a new strategy that aims to achieve its ultimate vision: lasting growth.

The strategy provides the framework for the goals and the commitments the company has to its various stakeholders - employees, investors, shareholders and communities.

The strategic principles guiding us today are:

  • To maximise shareholder value through:
    • Developing new, more efficient, more cost-effective production methods
    • Balancing previous heavy losses and funding for new capital investment
    • Generating our own power
    • Securing wider geographical supplies of ore
    • Restructuring the balance sheet by clearing old debts and increasing the share capital.
    • Invert in modernising our existing mining and smelting facilities.
    • Diversify our business to the energy logistics sector as well as to other industrial minerals and aggregates.

  • To create new income streams through:
    • Winning new customers outside Europe
    • Finding and developing new markets for by-products
    • Finding new customers for shipping and logistics
    • Capitalising old losses and issuing new shares
    • Creating an environmental sustainability consultancy.

  • To invest in the people and technology to successfully deliver our strategic goals