Unveil the bust of “Bodosakis – Athanasiadis”
Published at: 05-07-2010

On Friday 2 of July, in LARCO’s headquarters was unveiled the bust of company’s Founder “Prodromos Bodosakis - Athanasiadis”.

Members from the board of directors of “Bodosakis Foundation”, the board of directors, members and staff of LARCO, as well as former members of the company, attended the ceremony.

After the Sanctus in memory of Bodosakis, Mr. A. Barakos - President and CEO of LARCO, Mr. D. Vlastos - President of Bodosakis Fundation, and Dr. D. Papamantelou, made their speeches to the company’s staff presenting the gigantic life-work of LARCO’s Founder.