Reformation of the Board of GMM LARCO SA
Published at: 15-03-2013

After the resignation of Mr. Vassilios Grimanis from the position of the CEO of the company and the resignation of Mr. konstantinos Polyzoes who was member of the Board of Directors, the Board of GMM LARCO SA, immediately reassemble and the composition of the board reform as follow:

  • Konstantinos Bobis
    President of the B.D & CEO

  • Charalabos Tsoutrelis
    Vice President of the B.D

  • Members
    • Papamandellos Dimitrios
    • Grigoropoulos Grigorios
    • Batsos Georgios
    • Stathopoulos Miltiadis
    • Doultsinos Vasilios
    • Agelopoulos Georgios
    • Karagiannis Dimitrios
    • Kazanas Zacharias

After the new formation of the Board and the positing of Mr. Konstantinos Bobis in the place of President of B.D. & CEO of the company, who has rich experience in managing multinational and Greek companies, The Board of LARCO has significantly enhanced.