Publishing of the book “Nickel Deposits” by Dr. Athanasios Apostolikas
Published at: 20-12-2011

The book “Nickel Deposits” by Dr. Athanasios Apostolikas, Head of Geological exploration, was published by Efyra publications, sponsored by GMMSA LARCO. The book is not for sale but is available free of charge by GMMSA LARCO.

There are plenty of references available worldwide about metal deposits including nickel ones, which present great demand. It is known that nickel has been and continues to support the heavy industry of many countries, including Balkan ones.

The reference in nickel and its deposits, offers knowledge on many levels about nickel mineralogy. The book covers several aspects, including geological environment, types, size and mineral – geochemical characteristics of nickel deposits worldwide and specifically in Balkans.

The material used derives from world and Greek bibliography and from the experience gained during the years the author has been in the nickel industry. Also the contribution of co-workers in the industry by information, additions and remarks was very significant during the writing of the book.

The book is written only in Greek.

Contents of the book can be found here


Athanasios Apostolikas has studied Geology at the Universities of Goettingen Germany – Utrecht Holland and has a PhD by Technical University of Crete, Department of Mineral Resources Engineering.

Many scientific papers of him have been published in international conferences. He is working for 24 years in GMMSA LARCO at several positions of the company’s exploration department and he is currently Head of Exploration.